Who We Are: Mission, minutes, constitution, by-laws, officers

Our mission is to support spiritual growth among men, helping men to mature as disciples as they encourage formation in others.

WV Conference United Methodist Men Executive Committee Meeting

January 15, 2022, Stonewall Lake Resort

Ed Altizer, Secretary

Present Were: George Hohmann, president; Ed Altizer, secretary; Don Davis, treasurer; Jerry Meadows, prayer advocate; Ralph Herron, Conference scout co-ordinator; Ken Shanes; Paul White, president, Mon Valley District UMM;  and Jim Snyder.

Prayer and Devotion: After the meeting was called to order, Jerry Meadows led with prayer and a devotional based on on Isaiah 47: 18-19. 

Secretary’s Report: George Hohmann sent everyone an extensive agenda for today’s meeting. This included a copy of the minutes of the Sept. 11, 2021, Annual Gathering and Business Meeting. Ken Shanes moved that the Sept. 11 minutes, as submitted by Secretary Altizer on Jan. 4, 2022, and revised by Hohmann on Jan. 5, 2022, be approved. Paul White seconded the motion. The revised minutes were approved unanimously.

The Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Don Davis’ report, included in the agenda, showed that as of Jan. 6, 2022, our checking account balance was $1,749.70.  Mr. Davis said payment of $200 dues for the National Association of Conference Presidents is due now and a $150 invoice for Northeastern Jurisdiction dues is expected any day. Hohmann moved that the NACP dues be paid and that the NEJ dues be paid when Mr. Davis receives an invoice. Jerry Meadows seconded the motion, which passed unanimously. Mr. Davis reported other account balances: UMM Scouting Scholarship, $1,091.58; Scouting and Venturing Crew Disaster Relief, $5,917.67; Mon Valley District UMM Activities (Golf), $18,642.81

Prayer Advocate Report: Conference Prayer Advocate Jerry Meadows described his activities since assuming this position at the September meeting. Since January 2021, he also edits and emails to us a biweekly Conference UMM Journal newsletter. Mr. Meadows pointed out that we should have a Hunger Advocate. He will ask Steve Mahaffey of the Little Kanawha District UMM if he knows anyone who might serve in this role. Mr. Meadows handed out a prayer chain fact sheet from Cross Lanes UMC, his home church, and said he would like to establish a prayer chain for the conference.

Chartered and unchartered local church fellowships: Hohmann reported that At the beginning of 2021 the WV Conference UMM had 59 chartered units in local churches. Now in 2022 there are 43. The decline in numbers is likely related to the Covid crisis, churches and their organizations not meeting, and that some do not have ZOOM to hold online meetings. Not having meetings may have led some to not paying their charter fee. 

EMS members: Hohmann said EMS contributors have declined from 36 at the start of 2021 to 26 at the start of 2022.

District Reports:

Little Kanawha District: In a written report, President Steve Mahaffey said that the Little Kanawha District men are meeting today. 

Mon Valley District: President Paul White said they’re rotating meeting places between the Cracker Barrel in Morgantown and LIFE UMC in Fairmont. The district recently contributed $300 to a food pantry in Morgantown. Mr. White provided an extensive written report.

Northern District: President Wayne Custer provided a written report. 

Financial Peace University: Hohmann said that one program local men’s fellowships might consider sponsoring is financial adviser Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. Hohmann said he and George Russell of First UMC of South Charleston have offered this class twice in South Charleston and both times it attracted people from the church as well as the community, including several young people.

Portico: Hohmann encouraged us to make use of Portico, a en website established by the Conference site that offers courses for building discipleship and the church. The web address is Portico | West Virginia Conference of the United Methodist Church (wvumc.org) 

Nominations Committee report: Chairman Altizer said discussions had taken place about recruiting a vice president for the Conference UMM, a position vacant for some time. Jerry Meadows, our prayer advocate, gave a positive answer when asked. 

George had reviewed the by-laws and found that the Conference Executive Committee could choose someone to fill a vacancy at any time. 

As chair of the Nominations Committee, Mr. Altizer then offered Jerry’s name for election to the vacant post. Jerry was present and expressed his willingness to serve. By unanimous vote he was chosen as our new Vice President. We are all appreciative of Jerry’s active participation and welcome him to his new position and offer our support to him. 

Scouts Report: Ralph Herron, Ken Shanes and others had held a Scout Coordinators meeting previous to our meeting. They agreed that the Circuit Rider, which had been canceled for the past two years because of the pandemic, must be held this year if it is to continue being an active event. Last year’s golf outing left us with sufficient funds, and another outing this year will allow us to expand the activities in 2022. 

Scout activities such as the Saturday evening campfire and various games the troops themselves set up, will continue as always. Expanding to include internet games and other activities youth are interested in would require the payment of fees to WVU Jackson’s Mill.

Also, programs provided by WVU Extension agents would require pre-registration of Scouts.

In addition, adults involved in any way with youth during the Circuit Rider will be required to provide a printed copy of the certificate showing that they have completed the Scouts’ Youth Protection training class. The class is offered online. In addition, Paul White volunteered to offer the class in person during Circuit Rider.

Preregistration and payment of a fee for attendance at the camporee was discussed. The Scout leaders were generally opposed, and the subject was deferred for more discussion.

All Faith Chapel: As reported in the July 10, 2021, minutes, the chapel at WVU Jackson’s Mill was built in the late 1950s following a fund-raising campaign led by the WV United Methodist Men. The chapel is in need of repairs. 

Hohmann has been in discussion with the Mill who agree they will maintain the structure itself, but some needs such as repair of a retaining wall and refurbishing of pews, will not be done by the Mill. The estimated cost of repairs needed immediately is $15,900.
George divided the work needed into three categories: 

  • Hired professional work;
  • Work that could be done by individuals of the UMM
  • Work that might be done by Scouts.

George presented a plan for funding repairs to be put into two accounts, both held by The United Methodist Foundation of W.Va., Inc: A custodial account designed to hold funds for immediate repair needs and an endowment account to hold funds that will generate income for repairs needed in years to come. Each will require an initial investment of $1,000.00 and must be maintained at that level or above. If either falls below that amount, the Foundation will close it and the president and treasurer of the UMM must decide how remaining funds would be distributed. Ed Altizer moved that the two accounts be created as described in legal documents provided prior to today’s meeting. Paul White seconded the motion. The documents were approved unanimously.

Hohmann then spoke of the need to raise funds for these accounts. The agenda included a flyer to be distributed requesting donations. Hohmann asked approval for printing and distributing the flyer which was moved and seconded and approved. He also mentioned acquisition and sale of ‘shelf sitters, (a home or office decoration), to be sold. 

Hohmann said he has been in contact with Carol Young, who was married in the chapel in 1967. Mrs. Young will replace the altar. She also will pay for a small plaque on the altar that says the altar was presented in thankfulness of God’s blessings and in memory of Roby Young by Carol Young. 

Jackson’s Mill 2022: Our next Annual Gathering will be Sept. 9-11, 2022, at the Mill. The Saturday morning business meeting will be in person and shared on ZOOM.

Hohmann said that due to ongoing uncertainty about Covid, he hopes the contract with the Mill will contain a proviso that should the Annual Gathering and Circuit Rider be canceled, WVU Jackson’s Mill won’t charge us anything.  Hohmann said he hopes details of the 2022 contract will be presented at our next meeting. 

2022 Meetings: Our next meeting will be April 9, followed by another on Aug. 13. The Jackson’s Mill retreat is September 9-11. A final meeting for 2022 is scheduled Nov. 12. 

Submitted by Ed Altizer on Jan. 22, 2022; revised by George Hohmann on Jan. 27, 2022.


Conference Constitution of United Methodist Men

The Constitution for Conference Organizations of United Methodist Men is found in the following Paragraphs 647 from the Book of Discipline. Conference Organizations must develop their own By-Laws.

United Methodist Men- Constitution of United Methodist Men in the Conference.

Article 1. Name – In each annual conference there shall be a conference organization named United Methodist Men, auxiliary to the jurisdictional committee on United Methodist Men and to the General Commission on United Methodist Men. (#2301).

Article 2. Function –  The function of the conference organization of United Methodist Men shall be to build and support the district organization of United Methodist Men in developing resources to meet the needs and interests of and the responsibilities of discipleship; to empower personal witness and evangelism; to enable outreach in individual and group mission and ministry; to encourage and support spiritual growth and faith development; to promote the objectives and responsibilities of the General Commission on United Methodist Men. In the absence of a district organization the conference organization, in consultation with the District Superintendent, shall fulfill the district responsibilities. (#669).

Article 3. Authority – Each conference organization of United Methodist Men shall have the authority to promote its work in accordance with the plans, responsibilities, and policies of the conference organization and the General Commission on United Methodist Men.

Article 4. Membership- The conference organization of United Methodist Men shall be composed of all men and clergy of local churches (charted or uncharted) within the bounds of the conference.

Article 5. Officers and Committees –

a. The conference organization shall elect a president, at least one vice president, a secretary, and a treasurer.

b. The resident bishop shall service as the honorary president and be a member of the conference organization and its executive committee.

c. The conference lay leader (or designated representative) shall be a member of the conference organization and it executive committee.

d. Additional officers (including Civil Youth, Serving Agencies/Scouting Coordinator) and committees shall be elected or appointed in accordance with the guidelines of the General Commission on the United Methodist Men and/or the bylaws of the conference organization of United Methodist Men.

Article 6. Meeting and Elections –

a. There shall be an annual meeting of the conference organization of United Methodist Men, at which time there shall be presented an annual report and a program plan designed to meet the needs of the men of the conference. Officers and committee shall be elected in accordance with the requirements of the organization’s bylaws.

b. The voting body of the annual meeting of the conference shall be determined by the organization’s bylaws but shall include conference and district officers and committee chairpersons as determined, members of the General Commission on the United Methodist Men, and members of the jurisdictional committee on the United Methodist Men residing within the bounds of the conference.

Article 7. Relationships-

a. The president of the conference organization of United Methodist Men is a member of the annual conference, as set forth in #32.

b. The president of the conference organization of United Methodist Men shall represent the conference organization on the jurisdictional committee on United Methodist Men. In the absence of the president a designated vice president may represent the conference organization.

c. Designated officers or members shall represent the conference organization on the various agencies, councils, commission of the annual conference as the constitutions, bylaws and rules of such agencies provide.

d. The conference organization shall encourage men to participate in the total life and work of the church and shall encourage them to assume positions of responsibility and leadership as part of their discipleship.

Article 8. Finances- The Conference United Methodist Men shall secure funds for the fulfillment of this purpose. All funds from whatever sources by the Conference United Methodist Men belong to the organization and shall be disbursed only in accordance with it constitution and/or bylaws and by it order.

a. Conference United Methodist Men may have their own bank account.

b. It is recommended that there be an annual financial audit.

Article 9. Amendments- Proposed amendments to this constitution may be sent to the recording secretary of the General Commission on United Methodist Men prior to the last annual meeting of the commission in the third year of the quadrennium.

Article 10. Connectional Reporting –

a. Each annual conference shall file a current copy of their constitution with the General Commission on United Methodist Men.

b. Each annual conference shall submit an annual report to the General Commission on United Methodist Men for its annual meeting.


Article I- Name.

Section 1:     The name of the organization shall be “The United Methodist Men of the West Virginia Conference” and may be abbreviated and identified as “UM Men of WV.”

Article II- Relationship

Section 1:     The organization shall relate and adhere to the provisions of its Constitution, relating and participating as auxiliary to the Jurisdictional Committee and the General Commission on United Methodist Men and to the West Virginia Conference of the United Methodist Church.

Section 2:     Its shall related to the district organizations and their units to build and support the participation of their men.

Section 3:     It shall function in accord with the provisions of the General Commission of the United Methodist Church recorded in its then current “Book of Discipline” and in relation to the stated “PURPOSE” of the organization.

Article III- Purpose

Section 1:     The United Methodist Men shall be a creative and supportive fellowship of the men who seek to know Jesus Christ, to grow spiritually and to seek daily his will, existing to declare the centrality of Christ in every man’s.

Article IV- Membership

Section 1:     The organization shall be composed of membership of all men and clergy affiliated with the United Methodist Churches of the West Virginia Conference and shall include as members those of the General commission and jurisdictional committee on United Methodist Men residing within the bounds of the conference.

Article V- Leadership

Section 1: At each annual meeting;

  1. The membership shall elect a President and Vice President to their prescribed official leadership duties for a one year term, beginning at the next fiscal year; October 1st.
  2. The Immediate Past President shall service as counsel to the President and the Executive Committee during the term of the elected president, advising from the experience of his prior leadership and accepting assigned leadership tasks in projects of the organization.
  3. The membership shall elect a Secretary and Treasure to their prescribed official leadership duties for a one year term beginning at the next fiscal year; October 1st, and continuing thereafter as council to the newly elected officer[s] for a transitional purpose for a six-month period.
  4. The membership shall elect a Chairman of the Committee on Nominations for a one year term beginning at the next fiscal year; October 1st.
  5. The membership shall elect a Committee on Nominations consisting of four men from different district in addition to the Chairmen. Each shall be elected to serve a term designated for each of the four projected years, beginning at the closing of the annual meeting. Each advancing year shall be filled accordingly by the nomination and election. Any current vacancy shall be filled by nomination and election to the corresponding term of the vacancy.
  6. The membership shall elect a Chairmen for each of established committees.

Section 2: The Executive Committee shall:

  1. Guide the program, projects and conduct of the organization; planning transacting and executing the business of the organization, subject to the action and approval of the membership at the annual meeting, carrying out the Purpose of the UM Men;
  2. Work in accord with the plans, responsibilities and policies of the General Conference and the General Commission on United Methodist Men;
  3. Work in cooperation with the jurisdictional committee;
  4. Work in cooperation with ecumenical groups;
  5. Approve the total budget and recommend it to the conference organization for adoption;
  6. Transact business on behalf of the organization in accord with the action of the organization and its policies;
  7. Initiate and/or develop project and program element, models, or training events as deemed needed;
  8. Determine procedures for publicity and communications;
  9. Council, support and encourage the President and officers in their leadership.

Section 3: The Executive Committee shall be composed of:

  1. The elected officers: President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer;
  2. The Immediate Past President;
  3. Elected Chairmen of established committee;
  4. The West Virginia Conference Resident Bishop, Honorary President;
  5. West Virginia Conference Lay Leader;
  6. The President of the WV Laymen’s Foundation;
  7. The WV Conference Scouting Coordinator;
  8. The President of each district organization of UM Men.

Section 4: Each member of the Executive Committee shall relate himself to the district organization through the corresponding district leader for the joint sharing of information and for planning implementation of the responsibilities carrying out the Purpose of UM Men.

Article VI-Established Committee

Section 1: There shall be establish a committee for:

  1. Nomination and Election;
  2. Projects;
  3. Prayer Advocacy;
  4. Hunger;
  5. Funding;
  6. Church Unit Development;
  7. Budget;
  8. Scouting/Coordinator [ Scouting Coordinator]

Section 2:  Each member of the Executive Committee shall secure current information and available training relative to the program, responsibilities and exchange of information offered, relating to his responsibilities, relating to the Propose of the United Methodist Men. Each member shall make himself aware of the assume certain individual responsibilities, then currently set out in the Job Descriptions and Guide information available by the General Commission and the jurisdictional committee, and shall seek opportunities for continuing group training experiences.

Section 3:  The Executive Committee individuals shall function as a team in the fulfillment of the ‘Purpose’. Because the tasks are interrelated, no member works alone.

Section 4: The Executive Committee shall meet at require of the President as timely needed, with reasonably timed advance notice of time and place. A majority present shall constitute a quorum.

Section 5: An Administrative Committee consisting of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Immediate Past President shall meet upon the call of the President to transact emergence business of programs or projects in the interim between meeting of the Executive Committee. It shall not change declared policy, the budget or incur financial obligation not previously authorized.

Section 6: Committee Chairmen shall recruit a sufficient committee membership, from district counterpart where possible, to carry out the committee’s programs and report its membership to the Executive Committee.

Section 7: The Chairmen of the committee on Pray Advocacy shall be the prescribed ‘Prayer Advocate’ and the Chairmen of the committee on Hunger shall be the prescribed ‘Hunger Advocate.’

Section 8:

  1. An Administrative Secretary may be appointed by the President, in consultation and approval of the Executive Committee, to provide and carry out routine on-going administrative activities of the organization continuity of leadership. The Administrative Secretary shall serve the organization assisting its leadership;
  1. By helping measurably for maintaining it year to year and day to day continuity administering it timely prescribed relationships and detail performance of ‘purpose and programs.
  2. By assisting the organization, serving at the direction of the leadership; President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer in administering routine responsibilities, as designated within Article IX.
  1. The Administrative Secretary shall be appointed only for the annual terms of the elected President, serving addition terms as needed, and appointed by the subsequent duty elected President.
  1. The Executive Committee may determine compensation as needed for the service and expenses of the Administrative Secretary.

Article VII- Other Committee

Section 1: The President in consultation with member of the Executive Committee may appoint addition chairmen of addition committees or task force for temporary term within the annual term of the President.

Section 2: Additional leadership of other chairmen and committee as needed may be established by amendment of the By-Laws at annual meeting.

Article VIII-Nomination and Elections

Section 1: there shall be a Committee and Elections,

  1. Working with the district chairmen of committee on nominations:
  2. Finding men for leadership roles in the conference organizations;
  3. Insuring that the leadership of the conference organizations in representative of the membership in matters of age, race, ethnic background, employment and non-employment;
  4. Reporting to the conference at annual meeting, nominations for elected officers, committee chairmen, and member of the committee on nominations and for filling vacancies.

Section 2: The Committee on Nominations and Elections,

  1. Shall consist of a Chairmen elected annually and for four elected members of different districts; designated to filling each of four projected consecutive years;
  2. Shall annually nominate a new member to replace a vacancy or to be elected for the next projected four-year term;
  3. Shall, at the time for election, present a report to the annual meeting, in writing, of a report of nominations for all elected officer, chairmanship and new members of the Committee on Nominations and Elections;
  4. Shall nominate only member who reside within the bounds of the conference or who are a member of a church within the bounds of the conference;
  5. Vacancies occurring in the elected leadership of the conference organization shall be filled in the interim prior to an annual meeting by action of the Executive Committee upon the nomination of the Committee on Nomination and Elections.

Section 3: Elections,

  1. Shall take place within the business of the annual meeting;
  2. Shall include nominations for the floor prior to election;
  3. Shall take place by ballot provided by the Committee on Nominations and Elections when more than one candidate is to be voted upon;
  4. May be by acclamation when there is only one candidate for each office or chair to be voted upon, and the presiding officer is satisfied that no further nominations are to be offered, and the Chairmen on Nominations and Elections moves the vote for acclamation.

Section 4: Vote Procedures:

A majority count of votes of members present and voting shall be sufficient for election.

Section 5: Re-Nomination and Re-Election:

Officers and Chairmen of committee shall be elected to a one year term and may be re-nominated and re-elected to additions terms, but shall not exceed four consecutive years in the same office or committee.

Article IX- Duties of Officers

Section 1: President: The President shall be the presiding officer of the organization and shall preside at the annual, regular and special meetings of the organization and Executive Meetings. He shall have general oversight over the work of the organization. He shall be an ex-officio member of all committee and task forces, except the Nominating Committee. He shall be familiar with the work of the General Commission on United Methodist Men and that of the District President.

Section 2: Vice President: The Vice President shall assist the President, accept assignments made to him, preside in the absence of the President, and assume full responsibility for that office.

Section 3: Secretary: The Secretary shall be responsible for keeping the minutes and all records of the organization and the Executive Committee. The Secretary shall be responsible for keeping records suitable for future filing.

Section 4: Treasurer: The Treasurer shall collect and disburse all funds. Adequate records shall be kept and a report shall be made at all meeting of the organization and the Executive Committee. Requests for disbursements of funds not included in the budget shall be made by the President, Executive Committee, or the organizations.

Article X: Vacancy

Section 1: When a vacancy occurs in an office or a committee, the vacancy shall be filled by the President in consultation with the Executive Committee.

Section 2: The By Laws may be amended at any annual, regular, or special meeting of the organization by a two-thirds majority vote of all members present provided the notice of such proposed amendment is given 10 days in advance.